Little bit about me.

I am software engineer experienced in various SW development and R&D activities. Currently I work as Software Test Specialist at Bitfactor Oy.

In my career I have obtained experience in various positions from testing and test automation to software development, system integration and project management. I have worked in various business domains including

  • Banking sector and on-line banking
  • Real-time information systems for Public Transportation
  • IoT solutions for eHealth and patient monitoring
  • Mobile 3G/4G/5G telecom network infrastructures
  • Home automation systems and energy management
  • Semantic platforms for content delivery

Currently I am working in private sector on product development projects, but I have also many years of experience from public-funded Tekes and Eureka/EU research projects.

I maintain this blog as a hobby to write about interesting topics (mainly) related to software testing, development and test automation. Occasionally the blog may also cover other topics related to my hobbies and life.