Blog moved to a new server

Posted by jperala on July 23, 2014

It’s summer holiday - so more time to work on personal projects.

I have been using same VPS hosting provider for my private servers bit over a year now. Although the stability has been good, I haven’t been fully satisfied with the price/performance ratio of my servers. I felt adventurous and decided to try a new hosting provider for a change. offered a limited time promotion to double first payment up to $100 and they have also reasonably priced servers (hourly priced servers starting from KVM / 1CPU / 768MB RAM / 15GB SSD for $5/month). As they also had decent server locations (4 sites in Europe) I decided to give it a try.

Now, after a month of usage, I am very satisfied with the Servers seem to be much faster than my previous ones (although I did not run any measurements), I got more memory with cheaper price and I have not experienced any availability issues with my servers. Only problem I have experienced was non-accessible OS image while creating a new server instance, but issue was solved in 8 minutes after creating a ticket. So the experiences from the support are also very good so far. Let’s hope the quality of service remains as good also in the future…